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Mercato Delle Streghe

Vendor Application


Presenter & Vendor submissions will be open 11/29/2019. For more information on presenter and vendor submissions please email


The Mercato Delle Streghe is a uniquely curated Witches' Market in the heart of historic Salem Massachusetts. Here you will find a collection of vendors presenting an intersection of both magical and lifestyle wares for those with discerning tastes of a darker palette. Organized and curated by Spiritus Arcanum, this market will have something for everyone. 
Jewelry, Apparel, Magical Tools, Artwork, and Oddities will all be available for perusal and purchase.

The Mercato Delle Streghe is a part of the Salem Summer Symposium. A week-long series of workshops, rituals, and social events in celebration of Magical Education, Commerce, and Community. The market will be held on Saturday August 10th from 6pm-11pm in the legendary Hawthorne Hotel at the same time as the Symposium's 1920s-30s themed Occult Cabaret Party is being held in another area of the Hawthorne in order to create an evening of unparalleled artistry and revelry not to be missed. 

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