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Traditional astrological lore describes a series of 36 faces in the heavens, both comprising the zodiac and also "without" or beyond the 12 signs. Shrouded in bizarre imagery found in Agrippa's Three Books and the Picatrix, these "decans" have remained largely obscure, recognized mostly for planetary dignity, associations with the Shem ha-Mephorash, and as a footnote to the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. While much of its meanings are no doubt lost forever, the decans remain an invaluable tool for both the astrologer and planetary magician. Starting with a brief history, learn about the mysterious and pre-zodiacal roots of the 36 decans and begin to explore their use in chart reading and magick.


About the Presenter:

Chris Morris is a witch, occultist, and professional astrologer with a passion for history and magick who enjoys a modern astrological practice informed by traditional lore. His current primary areas of study are the decans and the pre-Greek roots of our zodiacal lore in ancient Babylon. Chris is an active member of the Temple of Witchcraft and he reads at Moth and Moon Studio in Bedford, NH.

Intro to the Zodiacal Decans

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