Restorative Herbalism: Any practitioner will tell you the Work is not instantaneous. Herbalists have a calling and duty to the land and our ancestors to subvert the exploitative ways we may have come into our practice. Session with start with a grounding meditation to clear the space and open us to the Work and end with an intention setting meditation.


This class lecture will include:

  • The practice of ethically sourcing herbal supplies
  • Ethical wildcrafting, Cities vs. Nature
  • Empowerment of a personal practice that does not bend to capitalist exploitation, with discussion
  • Communing with your plant allies and including them in your practice.
  • Energetic practice in the potency of a product
  • The power of flower essences and when to use them.


Attendees will be provided with:

  • Choice organizations to follow and support
  • A list of local native herbs that can be substituted for endangered and appropriated magical plants.


About the Presenter:

Saul Vulgare is a self taught Green Witch living and working in Salem, Massachusetts. Their practice is informed by meditation with herbal allies they have found through out their life, from the woods of New Hampshire to the Mountains of Central California and the coast of Massachusetts. A clinical herbalist and certified aromatherapist, Vulgare aims to bring botanical magick into the community in a accessible and informational way, honoring the Wise Woman tradition and prioritizing radical justice. Vulgare is trans nonbinary whose pronouns are they, them, & theirs.

Restorative Herbalism