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Salem is the capital city of The Witch archetype. The deep psychological associations with witchcraft create an energetic vortex that we will tap into using custom crafted ritual, meditation and group chant. Immerse yourself in the power of The Witch and create a lasting connection to the nearly limitless energy of her mandala. In this secular collaborative ritual we will:
  • Explore the most significant symbols of the witch and establish our connection to them
  • Invoke and radiate the power of The Witch through guided meditation and chant 
  • Establish ourselves as beacons of witch power in our own unique expressions 
No previous experience necessary and you do not have to identify as a witch to participate.


About the Presenter:

Nick Dickinson is a spell-born witch from a family where witchcraft, yoga, and folk magic were being practiced and discussed daily. He has over 35 years of experience as a professional oracle, spell crafter and ritual artist. He continues to craft new magic based on the classical teachings of tantric yoga, American witchcraft, and European and Middle Eastern folk magic.

Salem Witch Power Immersion

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