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The Rromani (commonly known through the pejoratives tzigane and gypsy), have suffered centuries of displacement and forced wandering. This lifestyle became synonymous with the Rromani, and their culture developed around it. Roadside burials, herb repertoires that change with each new location, and the relationship with the road and the unknown destination have shaped the folklore and magic of this high romanticized but still very stigmatized people.
Through storytelling, and drawing upon anthropological research, familial tradition, and her own personal praxis, Sasha Ravitch will guide you through this Rroma world of the dead. We will explore the concept of Mulé- the Restless Dead- and how various folk magic remedies can be used to heal and placate them by diving in to the relationship these restless ones have with the oft-forgotten plants of the road, through the magic of the Florari Rrom.


About the Presenter:

Sasha Ravitch is committed to emancipating the sorcerous machinations of the Ivory Tower, and bringing the spoils back into the agora.  With an academic background in philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, literary and poetic studies, and further endeavors of the spirit-as-mind, and with a lifelong fealty to "folk necromancy" (Cummins & Hathaway-Diaz) and magic, she aspires to make-whole the psyche and spirit. She has professional experience as a clinical counselor, and has done graduate work in psychoanalytic modalities of transpersonal psychology. She has spent two decades studying divinatory arts, researching and practicing Florari Rrom folk magic, and investigating ways to heal the occulted unconscious.  She currently sees clients as a spiritual counselor and diviner, provides Death Doula services through her certification with INELDA, and is co-founder of the International Necromancy Consortium, in New Orleans, LA.

Gardeners of the Dead: Healing the Restless Dead through Rromani Folk Magic

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