The work of hand spinning involves incorporating either plant or animal fibers into a twisted thread or yarn, which can then be used for weaving or knitting. From the Indian hand-spinners, who stretched wool fibers into miles of threads, to the thriving textile industry of Pompeii, to the women of the north who spun fibers for fine linens, the innovation and diversity employed in the methods used for spinning is undeniable. The practice of spinning is steeped in feminine mysticism, and is often used as a method for divination. Attendees will learn about the history of spinning throughout different cultures, in and out of magical contexts, as well as receive a lesson on spinning and fibers.


Items needed to make a spindle at home -

  • Wooden Dowel 1/2" thick (or a bic pen with a tight cap)
  • Rubber bands
  • Old CD or DVD
  • A mall screw hook to go on the top of the dowel (or a capped pen/pen with a little hook on the side)
  • You can also purchase a ready made spindle, specifically a small "bottom whorls" spindle.


Recommended by the Presenter: (this item includes fiber, making it an easy one-step purchase) (must order fiber separately)
Also, all students will need 2-4 Oz of wool roving fiber in a color of their choice, I recommend these Etsy sellers because they have fast shipping and are usually homemade/ locally sourced:


About the Presenter:

Leah is a practicing witch who spends her days (and lots of nights) seamstressing for various Broadway shows in New York. When she isn’t sat behind a sewing machine or making Broadway magic, she can be found around NYC making actual Magick! Leah works in the very tangible medium of spellcrafting, spinning yarn and working with fiber, imbuing it with the energies of old folk Magick, and traditions of the past.

1PM - Spinning Fiber Magick