You’re alone, at night, traveling down an old road in the middle of nowhere. In the distance, you see a light - a strange light, unearthly, that paralyzes you in place. As you stay, stunned, the light approaches, and out of it step several diminutive men in strange clothes. They offer you food and drink, and ask you if you would like to travel with them to their land. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but either way you know: no one’s going to believe your story.


What just happened?


If you lived in the Middle Ages, you might say that you just witnessed the Fairies. In the last hundred years, you might assume you encountered Aliens from a distant star. What do these visits, abductions, and encounters have in common? What is it in our thinking as witches that we assume faeries are real but aliens are not? Vice versa? What if they were examined with the same lens?


Somewhere in the intersection of faery lore and alien encounters there might be more in common than we at first think, and in that grey space, dressed in green suits and under the Hollow Hills we might find ourselves examining our own doubts, and exploring whole fields of contact with the “Others” that might excite and terrify, inform and inspire.


Join Troy Chambers in a conversation at the fringes of the weird, as we discuss fairy lore, and the curious parallels with the oft-scoffed at reports of ‘extraterrestrial contactees’. Just don’t eat the food.

Flying Saucer to Fairyland