A variety of divination systems were used in ancient and classical Greece, ranging from oracles and prophets to common forms of sortilege. One of the more fascinating kinds of divination that was used in the ancient Hellenic world was that of grammatomancy, divination through the individual letters of the Greek alphabet. This lecture will cover the history of this useful and direct form of divination, and how it can build into an overarching spiritual practice of devotion to the Greek gods, theurgy, contemplation, and magic.


About the Presenter:

Sam Block (polyphanes) is a magician specializing in Hermetic Renaissance planetary- and angel-centric theurgy as well as Proto-Hermetic Greco-Egyptian magical practices, a researcher and practitioner of the divinatory art of geomancy, and an initiated priest of Ogún in the Afro-Cuban orisha tradition La Regla de Ocha Lukumí. Since 2010, he has maintained the blog and website "The Digital Ambler" as a running record and source for prayers, practices, rituals, and contemplations related to his occult studies and research.

1PM - Spelling by Spelling: Greek Alphabet Divination & Magic