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Many pagan practitioners interested in using the grimoires in their magical work run into problems with the overt Christian framing of grimoire work. This class will dig into the potential pagan foundations of aspects of grimoire practice with an explicit focus on goetic texts such as "The Lesser Key of Solomon" and the "Grimorium Verum". Particular attention will be given to useful aspects of the spirit catalogues, connections with ritual mechanics from the Greek Magical Papyri, the central role of intermediary and ruling spirits, and finally pagan approaches to ritual tools and regalia.


About the Presenter:

Kadmus is a practicing ceremonial magician. He has written extensively for the website "Gods and Radicals" and recently published the book "True to the Earth: Pagan Political Theology" through Gods and Radicals Press, presented his paper "True to the Earth and a Pagan Conception of the Self" at the conference Rewriting the Future: 100 Years of Esoteric Modernism and Psychoanalysis, and taught two classes at the 2019 Salem Summer Symposium on "Pagan Conceptions of the Self" and "The Role of Magic in a Pagan Cosmos". Most recently he presented the paper "Every Nekuomanteia is a Katabasis: On Navigating Underworld Guardians: Ancient Insights for Contemporary Necromancy" at the International Necromancy Consortium in New Orleans.

Pagan Approaches to Goetia

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