Father of Time, Patron of Harvest, Titanic Serpent of the Tilled Earth -- these are just a few of the monikers of the great Father of the Olympians. Students will be introduced to origin myths of Saturn/Kronos, and gain an in depth understanding of how these myths influenced the rise of Saturnian magic in the western astrological tradition. With practical examples of how and when to perform workings of Saturn, students will gain an introductory understanding of astrological timing and magic. With those foundations established, students will look at current astrological conditions to understand how the mundane events in our lives and the world at large are reflections of the larger cosmos, and come away with actionable methods for how to remediate and harness these influences in our magic.


About the Presenter:

Frank Sivilli is a poet, mystic, counsellor, and astrologer based out of Queens, NY. He is a Hellenistic and Archetypal astrologer with a focus on the western astrological magic tradition. His work on astrology can be heard on Witchhassle podcast, where he provides biweekly elections for works of magic and embodiment. You can find him on instagram @anti.bishop.


The Age of Kronos: Saturnian Magic in a Saturnian Time