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Lore surrounds the events of the battles of history, preternatural  strength, courage, and fortitude, scattered through time, Painting the  tapestry of the past in vibrant red. The connection to Mars and War is  deeply rooted and repeated across folklore and magical practices alike, a  chaotic and powerful force, Martial workings can be among the fiercest  tools of any practice. 
Come through the thickets and listen to the drums of battle, beating  cadence to songs of planets in the sky, thorns of the earth, and the  blood in your veins. The color of mayhem, destruction, and bloodshed is  the same that represents life force and birth, Martial practices can  also be a peerless shield-wall in protections of any kind, this  discussion will cover an arsenal of historical martial practices as well  as modern usage and applications in honor of this dynamic force.
This is a 90-120 minute, intermediate level lecture.
About the Presenter:
Vex Blòðstjarna has been a long-time esoteric practitioner and hermit,  focusing on totemic animal spirits and the Northern mysteries. His  practice ties indigenous animism from his surroundings and from familial  roots of Scandinavian hunting rituals. Vex is a Mead Brewer, distiller,  aspiring herbalist, wild crafter. Vex is an artist of the bones, flesh,  roots and flowers of the animal and plant spirits that he venerates, as  well as a crafter of Neolithic stone tools. Vex likes fire, exploring  chthonic and hidden places (for goblin treasure) and enjoying the  company of his four-legged companions.



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A Litany of Choler: The Sonnet of Mars and Blood

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