All of nature has a song, and in that song there is a name that, when sung, calls its magic into form. In this ritual workshop led by traditional witch Ylva Mara participants will discover the power of the elements alive within them. Together we will awaken the magic of the elements & ancestors (familial, cultural, social) through Slavic polyphonic singing and chanting. The singing forth of the power of a moment is called Galdr in Old Norse; Galdor in Old English. Galdor translates to “a spell sung” or “an enchantment.” To enchant is to evoke a state of wonder or delight in the heart. By harnessing the magic of sacred song, rhythm, breath, heart beat… participants will gather strength and offer a healing salve to the space it will fill. This workshop is intended to teach participants how to call upon, acknowledge, and make relations with the elemental & ancestral forces within us. The skills and tools we use in doing so will give us the foundations necessary to deepen in a sovereign and mutually consensual relationship with the elemental forces around us. No musical or vocalization skills needed whatsoever! This is traditional and elemental magic which means it comes thru us by way of our relationships with spirit, the elements, and our ancestors. You can’t do this wrong! Also, making sacred song in community makes us all sound good… so no worries!”


About the Presenter:

I am a High Priestess, a temple tender, traditional witch, teacher, writer, artist, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. I am also a non-binary trans femme and a survivor of childhood incest and sexual assault. I currently live on unceeded Duwamish and Coast Salish land, now named Seattle. I’m a white person of Slavic, Polish, Balkan, and Romani ancestry. I approach my work with a commitment to further understand how access to wellness and traditions of magic are complicated by and interconnected with the violence of kyriarchal oppression. My practice prioritizes the support of sex workers, black, brown, and Indigenous community members, Femmes, survivors of trauma & abuse, survivors of incest & assault, chronically ill folx, Trans & Non-Binary specific health concerns, addiction recovery, abortion & reproductive health support, and folks navigating the complexity of intergeneration & diasporic trauma, and those seeking alternative and supplemental support for acute & chronic mental health concerns.

Awakening Magic: A Ritual of Polyphonic Singing & the Art of Galdr