The grimoire tradition developed from numerous roots. This lecture will  explore those roots, including Greco-Egyptian, Jewish and Arabic magic  and the significant texts and historical figures within them. Exploring  the grimoires from the bottom up, this lecture will offer a panoramic  view aimed at exploding misconceptions and providing numerous avenues of  study and practice to the audience.


About the Presenter:

David Rankine is an author, esoteric researcher and magician who lives  in England with his partner, artist and tattooist Rosa Laguna. He has been making major contributions to the modern occult revival since the 1980s, through lectures, workshops, presentations, articles and books. His esoteric expertise covers a wide range of topics, including the Western Esoteric Traditions, especially the Grimoire tradition, Qabalah, Greco-Egyptian magic and Ceremonial Magic, as well as British Folklore  and European Mythology. He has authored thirty-one books, numerous essays in various anthologies, and hundreds of articles for magazines, journals, international part-works and websites.


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Before the Grimoires