This class is dedicated to the use of bones in European  magic and folklore, with a demonstrations of how to process animal byproducts in our urban setting.  We will discuss and review bones bones in divination (Astragalomancy & Scapulimancy), constructing charms and crafts and Occult & Magical Practices with bones (Apotropaic Magic & Necromantic rites), and bone processing (safety & the law). 
We will also engage in a demonstration on creating parchment paper from grocery store fish skin, and creating bone meal for plant ally offerings from dinner scraps
This is a 90-120 minute, foundational level lecture and workshop.
About the Presenter:
Madi Diana is a Folk practitioner, artist, and maker located in  St.Petersburg, FL. their work specializes in animal related magic and  crafts. Madi explores the development of religious structures through  their relationship to animals. They challenge typical anthropocentric  views through queer ecological studies and Animistic spirituality. Madi  also shares the process of safely cleaning, and use of bones in modern  Witchcraft. They are the witch behind the online occult supply Hallowed.Bones.

Bones in Magic: A Practical Application