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The reading of palms (or, to give its Greek title, chiromancy) is an old and established form of divination, interpreting the lines of the hands and acroos the fingers to read the shape of one's fate. But the use of the gestures of the hands for operative sorcery and spell-craft - to actually change and redirect fate - is rather less well known or discussed, despite being an incredibly powerful technique in the magical practitioner's arsenal.


In this class, professional diviner, consultant sorcere, and historian of magic, Dr. Alexander Cummins will take us through the fundamentals of such gestural magics, concentrating on their applications in planetary magic - from empowering ingredients to directing energy, and fro launching spells to saluting spirits. No previous knowledge of astrology of astrological magic required!


About the Presenter:

Dr Alexander Cummins is a contemporary cunning man and historian. His magical specialities are the dead (folk necromancy), divination (geomancy) and the grimoires. He received his doctorate on early modern magical approaches to the passions.  His published works include The Starry Rubric (Hadean Press 2012), on early modern astrology and astrological magic, A Book of the Magi: Lore, Prayers, and Spellcraft of the Three Holy Kings (Revelore Press 2018) and contributions to collections by Three Hands Press, Hadean Press and Scarlet Imprint. He is a frequent speaker on the international circuit, and co-hosts the podcast Radio Free Golgotha with Jesse Hathaway DIaz of Wolf and Goat. Dr Cummins gives classes and workshops online and in person in the US and the UK. His work and services can be found at

Catching Hands: Gestural Magic for Planetary Sorcery

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