Create your desired magical results with food using Hoodoo, the art of  African American herbal magic. Learn how to bless, to heal, to protect,  to attract, and to dispel with food. Learn which conjure principles work  together with food to provide results. Includes taste-tested magical  recipes for Love, Attraction, Prosperity, Healing, Protection, and  Spiritual Enlightenment.
This is a 90-120 minute, foundational level lecture.
About the Presenter:
Beverley Smith - known in some circles as “Doctor Beverley” - is a  mother and a wife, a yogi, a social justice advocate, and a “two-headed  conjure doctor” who enjoys living in the mountains in Southern  California with her family and two cats Max and Sweet Puss. She  specializes in Sangoma-style Bone Reading and intuitive divination.  Beverley Smith enjoys West African and Caribbean literature &  folklore, and the ancient art of storytelling - both as a listener and a  storyteller. She is an old-style Hoodoo (Conjure) Rootworker, an  empath, an organic gardener, a lifelong student of herbalism, and a  relentless advocate for racial and restorative justice.

Cook Up A Hoodoo Feast