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This workshop will focus on several elements of ritual and practice derived from ancient methods of necromancy. Particularly attention will be given to the importance of mythological underworld journeys as a model for practical necromancy, question of how to contact appropriate divine and daimonic patrons in working with the dead, methods for contacting and utilizing the dead, and protective and purifying measures to be taken into account. Accounts of necromancy in the ancient world as well as sections of the "Greek Magical Papyri" will be utilized and considered.


About the Presenter:

Kadmus is a practicing ceremonial magician and pagan. He recently published the book True to the Earth: Pagan Political Theology through Gods and Radicals Press, presented his paper "True to the Earth and a Pagan Conception of the Self" at the conference Rewriting the Future: 100 Years of Esoteric Modernism and Psychoanalysis, and taught classes at the Salem Summer Symposium in 2019 and the Salem Witchcraft and Folklore Festival in 2020. Most recently Kadmus taught two classes on Teiresias and Medea for The Cauldron Black Mighty Dead series.


**Attendees will have access to this recording until the end of 2021 - class recording links will be emailed to attendees within 7 business days of purchase. To protect the IP of our presenters, class recordings will not be downloadable.**

Elements of the Practice of Ancient Necromancy

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