This class will explore the functions, uses, and theological  implications of the Headless Rite throughout its known history. From Akephalos to Aiwaz, we will discuss the various spirits associated with the Rite, and the functions and possible associations of the barbarous words utilized therein. We will then transition into the practical uses of the rite along with some stories of the presenters own experiences with each use.
This is a 120-150 minute, intermediate level lecture.
About the Presenter:
McCalla Ann is an occult based philosopher, researcher, and diviner  based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Besides reading cards, McCalla can  be found teaching occult history and education with an emphasis on  mysticism, Kabbalah, and philosophy through her multimedia project  SaturnVox. McCalla hosts a podcast under the SaturnVox name, where other  occult practitioners are interviewed and critical thinking questions  about various occult topics are explored. When she isn’t crafting spells  or burying her nose deep in a history book, she enjoys watching anime  and playing video games with her cat, Storm.

Heart Girt With a Serpent: On the History and Function of the Headless Rite