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With the current rise in popularity of witchcraft and magic, a common critisim is it’s disconnection from living things.  In this lecture, John Magnuson will introduce a variety of techniques fo people  try in their gardens or even their indoor planters.  The lecture will  start with some myth busting about your abilities to keep plants alive.  Techniques for building soil and the importance of mulch layers for growing plants will be discussed.  Composting from both a mundane and  magical perspective will be covered.  Suggestions on where to find raw  materials cheaply or for free will be given. The third section will be  about pollinators and pollenizers; resources to learn about local  plants, flower morphologies to look for and some helpful plants to grow.  In between each section John will share some gardening folklore.  Ultimately John hopes this lecture will inspire listeners to get more  involved in their local communities.
This is a 120 minute, foundational level lecture.
About the Presenter:
John Magnuson is a folk magic practitioner living in southern New  Hampshire. John is a student of Nordic folk magic with the hopes of one  day becoming trollkunnig.  John is an avid gardener of food, herbs,  mushrooms, and native plants. He loves investigating different ways of  their cultivation.  John enjoys fiber arts and is currently exploring  their connection to measuring and knot magic.



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Intro to Gardening

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