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Circe is the very first deity to be associated with  witchcraft in the Greek language. Her narrative and influence spans  centuries of literature and art, and deeply informs all modern ideas about witchcraft.
This ritual presentation will offer:
⁃ a brief history of Circe and an exploration of her modern representations
⁃ practical methods to approach Circe as a living current of witchcraft energy
⁃ group  ritual that will include guided grounding and setting of intentional  energetic space, chant, spirit-flight, spirit offerings, deity yoga(an  introduction to Circe and her ‘island’), and witch-fire empowerment
⁃ crafting a daily Circe practice
⁃ divination
⁃ time for questions and answers
Content  is suitable for all levels and all traditions, and can be approached in  a purely secular way.  Expect to participate in ritual and feel free to  be creative with altars and set up.
Optional ingredients to have on hand: rosewater (or clean drinking water), and a dish or  container to pour out libations, a representation of Circe (could be the Strength card from your favorite deck), and a broom or other ritual objects to support spirit-flight.
This is a 90-120 minute, foundational level lecture, workshop & guided meditation.
About the Presenter:
Nick is Headmistress of Circe Academy of feral Greek witchcraft through  The Cauldron Black in Salem MA, and a professional witch and witchcraft  educator with over 35 years of experience working with clients and  students in both public and private settings. Ordained and initiated in a  variety of tantric yoga traditions (Mahayana Buddhism), and a teacher  of 1,000s yoga teachers and psychics, his classes and workshops are  deeply influenced by the intersection of classical yoga theory and  modern witchcraft practice. Operating through a multidimensional animist  lens with a focus on Greek folklore, Nick’s content welcomes all  traditions at all levels and can be approached in a purely secular way.



This class recording link will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days of your order. You will have access to this class recording link until the end of 2023.


By purchasing this class you agree to the following Non Disclosure:

This Agreement is between The Cauldron Black (“OWNER”); and the Purchaser (“RECIPIENT”). WHEREAS, OWNER has developed through substantial effort, research, time, and expense certain inventions, design concepts, methodologies, technical know-how, copyrightable material and trade secrets directed and related to this class. (“INFORMATION”); WHEREAS, OWNER desires to disclose the INFORMATION on a confidential basis to RECIPIENT. The OWNER wishes to maintain the confidentiality of the INFORMATION and the protection of OWNER'S intellectual property rights. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises, covenants, and conditions contained herein, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows: I. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION A. OWNER agrees to disclose INFORMATION to RECIPIENT for the purposes of an online class. B. RECIPIENT agrees to receive such INFORMATION and to refrain from copying, disclosing, using, selling, or offering for sale any and all of said INFORMATION. RECIPIENT agrees to keep confidential and refrain from disclosing any and all of the INFORMATION, and to take all necessary and reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of any and all of the INFORMATION. Failure to uphold this NDA may result in legal action.

Intro to Kirkean (Circe-centered) Witchcraft

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