From ancient cooked metals to modern magnetic cards, keys have always been magical in the hands of the bearer. In this workshop we will discuss where and how keys were formed, the spirits and deities are associated with keys, and various spells and charms - from protecting your home, to unshackling yourselfrom blockages - that we can craft with keys.
This is a 90-120 minute, intermediate level lecture and workshop.
About the Presenter:
As a professional Tarot Reader and  Spirit Worker,  Marcus Keys has been providing  magical and spiritual services for more than a decade. He has presented Key Magic and other various classes and lectures, that focus on his growing work and education. Marcus is currently a dedicate student of Tommie Starchild in the Hell's Mare branch of the Elenkin line of the Anderson Feri Witchcraft Tradition.

Keys; Myth, Magic, and More with Marcus Keys