This lecture will focus on the Afro-Brazilian practice of Kimbanda, and it's importance as Brazilian traditional black magic. We will discuss it's diasporic history, through the slace trade, and it's evolution and practice in the 21st century. We will discuss the hierarcy, initition process, rituals and exploring the powers and practices of it's two classes or spirits, Eshu and Pombagira
This is a 120 minute, intermediate level lecture and ritual.
About the Presenter:
Diego de Oxóssi is both a Kimbanda and Orisha priest, living in Brazil, with 12+ years of magical  practice, Diego runs a publishing company dedicated to afro-american & afro-brazilian spirituality. With 6 books published in Portuguese and 3 in English,  Diego gives counselling with cowrie shell divination and presents lectures about pagan and African magical traditions all over the world.

Kimbanda: Traditional Brazilian Black Magic