What is Shinto, the traditional religion of Japan? How do Shinto cosmologies and ideas help us re-examine big questions like: What is a religion? How can spirituality help us think about ethics and justice? How can nature-based and ancestor-based spiritual ideas intersect? What exists in the space between ultranationalist, imperialist religion and completely exoteric, open religion? This session is not devotional and does not suggest that participants adopt Shinto, its deities, or its practices. Instead, by taking a cultural awareness and spiritual understanding approach, this workshop combines lecture and discussion to  provide a space for participants to consider key lessons that Shinto may contribute to big questions and understandings of religious, spiritual, and magical communities.


About the Presenter:

Shige Sakurai (they/them) is a social justice leader with international  and national accolades. They are a Unitarian Universalist with atheist, Shinto, Buddhist, and Christian heritages, and involvement in Druidry. Shige has presented workshops on Shinto to pagan and Asian American communities, and they have forthcoming publications on multi-religious identity, transgender issues in Shinto, and a ceremony for affirming  names and pronouns. Shige has conducted hundreds of speaking engagements  in dozens of cities globally, including at or for 40+ universities, such as UCLA, Georgetown, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, NYU, University of Southern California, and University of Michigan. Sakurai has been interviewed by media around the world, including USA Today, Washington Post, Associated Press, CNN, CBS News, MTV, El País, NHK, and France Télévisions.


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Lessons from Shinto