The purpose of this talk would be to discuss the witch as a gendered entity and understand how representations in the popular imagination stem from traditional values of superstition and belief in the supernatural. The witch has been persecuted and established as a monster throughout history whilst a new wave of the witch aims to renegotiate the monstrous witch as a source of feminist empowerment. This talk would serve as an introduction on how to read the witch through a feminist and historical lens, perceiving her as a monster and how to utilize the witch narrative as a source of power.


About the Presenter:

Throughout my BA and MA I have pursued studies of magical women, film and television, and their histories. My current PhD research involves the image of the witch throughout film and television, and how the gendered identity has existed in waves and is currently undergoing a new transformation. My MA thesis, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale from Ronald to Donald: A Feminist Analysis’, led me to further discussions on equality and the persecution of women revived from history to serve a renewed purpose for the screen. My research interests focus on the cultural value of monsters and their representations.


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Living Deliciously: The Monstrous Witch with Chole Carroll