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How and why did the Ancient Greeks worship heroes? In what ways does  this worship relate to ancient practices of necromancy, the practice of  ancestor worship more widely understood, and later developments such as the cults of the saints? How was the nature of heroes understood and how did they relate to the gods? Is the lesson that heroes could become gods; that gods were once human heroes; that the semi-divine parentage of heroes made them more godlike from the start? Or perhaps it is each of these, depending on the particular hero focused on. The goal of this class is ultimately practical, seeking to glean from the study of ancient practices and views occult technology and practices that may be of use for, or may illuminate, the necromantic, goetic, or theurgic pursuits of contemporary practitioners.


About the Presenter:
Kadmus is a practicing ceremonial magician. He published the book True to the Earth: Pagan Political Theology through Gods and Radicals Press and taught classes every year for Salem Summer Symposium as well as for The Cauldron Black. He has also presented at the AstroMagia astrological magic conference the last two years including two keynote address, “Towards a High Pagan Astrology” and “Orpheus and Art as a Model of Magic”. Most recently he published the paper "Every Nekuomanteia is a Katabasis: On Navigating Underworld Guardians: Ancient Insights for Contemporary Necromancy" in Hadean Press’ Conjure Codex: Black anthology.



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On Ancient Greek Hero Worship: Lessons for Necromancy & Magic

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