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Through making art we create the sacred, through recording our magic we  tell true lies. There are many rich traditions of grimoiring and keeping  magical records, and for good reason. Your magical record is one of the  most vital aspects of magical learning. Through keeping a magical  record, you’re able to see what worked, track your progress, and learn  how to live in the rhythm with the world around you. In this workshop,  Siri will teach you about magical record keeping within the Swedish  Black Books - or Svartkonstböcker - tradition. They will also share  techniques to awaken your own Black Book and make it a true conspirator  in your quest for magical and self knowledge. Please bring your own  grimoire for a guided consecration ritual.
This is a 90-120 minute foundational level lecture and workshop
About the Presenter:
Siri Vincent Plouff (they/them) is a Nordic witch, rune reader, and  tarot reader based on Anishinaabe and Dakota land, AKA Minneapolis, MN.  As an unabashedly queer person, they are constantly interrogating runes  and Nordic practices through a unique lens of gender identity. They see  witchcraft as a way to break out of expectations, and live outside of  society. They are in training with Kari Tauring, a modern-day völva, and  Johannes Gårdbäck, a Trollkunning and professional folk magician. Siri  teaches about the runes, tarot, and witchcraft. Their signature courses  are the Radical Runes Course and the Witchcraft Immersion. "Lessons from  the Empress: A tarot workbook for self care and creative growth" was  co-written with Cassandra Snow and will be published on October 1, 2022.



This class recording link will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days of your order. You will have access to this class recording link until the end of 2023.


By purchasing this class you agree to the following Non Disclosure:

This Agreement is between The Cauldron Black (“OWNER”); and the Purchaser (“RECIPIENT”). WHEREAS, OWNER has developed through substantial effort, research, time, and expense certain inventions, design concepts, methodologies, technical know-how, copyrightable material and trade secrets directed and related to this class. (“INFORMATION”); WHEREAS, OWNER desires to disclose the INFORMATION on a confidential basis to RECIPIENT. The OWNER wishes to maintain the confidentiality of the INFORMATION and the protection of OWNER'S intellectual property rights. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises, covenants, and conditions contained herein, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows: I. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION A. OWNER agrees to disclose INFORMATION to RECIPIENT for the purposes of an online class. B. RECIPIENT agrees to receive such INFORMATION and to refrain from copying, disclosing, using, selling, or offering for sale any and all of said INFORMATION. RECIPIENT agrees to keep confidential and refrain from disclosing any and all of the INFORMATION, and to take all necessary and reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of any and all of the INFORMATION. Failure to uphold this NDA may result in legal action.

Personal Grimoiring and the Swedish Black Books Tradition

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