Stigma. Whether we wear our Otherhood through scars, physical differences, or intentionally constructed cloaks from our sartorial choices, we carry its heavy weight within our psyches. As magickal practitioners we can learn to harness this dissonant energy to strengthen and inform our consciousness. We discover the dynamic dance between Eros and Logos: enchantment and discernment. Thus in doing so, we begin to release the limiting paradigms of patriarchal, binary thinking.


Through practices of ritual and channeling, we can choose to become the pontifex; the bridge. In this liminal space we serve as conduits and oracles of direct gnosis. We share and articulate our experience as Other with the collective. This dissemination serves to further subvert rationalist and materialist dogma.


By developing collaborative relationships with the stigmatized Divine Feminine including Santa Muerte, Black Ana of the Forbidden Mysteries, and Hekate (among others) we call back our disavowed power and realign our self sovereignty and spiritual practices.


Through explorations from an admixture of Cognitive Behavioral Theory, terror management theory and its relationship to stigma, psychospiritual radicalism, and an embrace of paradox and paranormality, we initiate a dialogue which honors the complexity of the individual and collective. Thus this amalgam provides practical approaches to strengthen, resacralize, and empower our Otherness, identity, awareness, magick, and creativity.


About the Presenter:

Aria Michaels Paradise, MA, MSW, LICSW, SC-C embodies the ethereal and protean realm of air, shapeshifting with the creative current. As a licensed psychotherapist, certified spiritual counselor, astrologer, medium, tarot diviner, paranormal investigator, visual and performance artist, Aria is peripatetic; inhabiting the realm of dream, myth, possibility, and paradox.

1PM - Stigma: The Witch’s Forbidden Dance of Individuation