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The black cat, toad, and the hare. Creatures long allied to the figures of both Devil and Witch. In this presentation we will explore the mythos and folklore of these animals, and their significance in witchcraft and  magic. Further we will discuss their appearance in some of the most taboo and transgressive rituals known in folk magical traditions. Specifically the rites of acquiring the toad bone, the rabbit’s foot, and the black cat bone.


Through this cross comparison we’ll uncover a ritual transmission which spans both time and continents. Revealing the secrets of shapeshifters, conjurors, gamblers, and horsemen in order to reveal a legacy of bestial witchcraft and stolen power through ritual fetish.


About the Presenter:

Matthew Venus is a folk magician, artist, writer, and witch located in Salem, MA. He is the co-founder of the Salem Witchcraft &  Folklore Festival and the owner and lead apothecary of Spiritus Arcanum,  an online and event based supplier of handcrafted occult wares.

IG: Spiritus_Arcanum


**Attendees will have access to this recording until the end of 2021 - class recording links will be emailed to attendees within 7 business days of purchase. To protect the IP of our presenters, class recordings will not be downloadable.**

Stolen Power: The Witch, the Devil, and Bestial Rites of Transgression

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