An Overview of the Song of Songs and how it applies to Kabbalah and the Archetype of God as Beloved  The Lecture can be broken down into the following Sections;   History of the Song of Songs The Shekinah God as Beloved Archetype On; Edging, Arousal, and Awakening Cannocal Twincest in the Tanakh  The Necessity of Purity The Rod and Receptacle  Devekut, to cleave To Fap or not to Fap Conclusion remarks


About the Presenter:

An avid student of the occult, McCalla Busman sparks conversations through her tarot readings, occult education, art, and poetry . She works with her clients and students to explore magic, and how cognition, psychology, and philosophy affect our daily lives. McCalla has an extensive background in Kabbalistic studies, and has degrees in both Biblical Study as well as Buddhist Philosophy. McCalla's current specialty is the promotion of Ashera worship, as well as a deep an unabashed love for any Hieros Gamos tradition and Bridal Mysticism.


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The Song of Songs - On; God as Beloved