We’ve all seen manifestations of the Witch Wars. Unchecked ego upon ego, acting within a Power Over dynamic rather than Power Within approach. In this workshop we explore the role of ego in magick. The ego: without it we are formless, directionless, and lack identity or boundaries. We require the ego’s etheric containment to act as a buttress; shaping us as individuals, connecting us to our life lessons and higher purpose. However when the ego begins to dictate our directives rather than support them, we can lose sight of our initial goals. The role of daily psychic hygiene is to ensure our magickal practices feed the higher self rather than the ego. Through implementation of consistent magickal hygiene we can also improve our ability to employ clear channel communication, increasing our effectiveness as channels and mediums. This workshop will explore the structural, psychological, and magickal roles of the ego. It will also provide techniques to improve our awareness of ego, and implementation of daily psychic hygiene.


About the Presenter:

Aria Michaels Paradise, MA, MSW, LICSW, SC-C embodies the ethereal and protean realm of air, shapeshifting with the creative current. As a licensed psychotherapist, certified spiritual counselor, astrologer, medium, tarot diviner, paranormal investigator, visual and performance artist, Aria is peripatetic; inhabiting the realm of dream, myth, possibility, and paradox.

The Witch & the Ego with Aria Michaels Paradise