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Due to the lack of a comprehensive English translation, the Arabic grimoire known as the Shams al-Ma'arif has remained relatively unexplored among Anglo-sphere magical practitioners. Consistent with much Arabic magic, the text relies heavily on astrological content, specifically around the 28 lunar mansions and their various qualities and applications. This talk will focus on the breadth and tone of the Lunar Mansions within the context of this lesser known, yet no less important, book of magic. Treated as a general survey with a dash of cultural overview, the talk will briefly cover the character of each mansion as well as some potential practical applications and suggestions for working within this paradigm and supplementing an already existent magical practice.


About the Presenter:

J.M Hamade is an artist, illustrator, and writer currently based out of New York City. His work focuses on the various cross sections of visual culture, aesthetics, and art history with esotericism and the study of religion in general. With a striving towards cross cultural and interdisciplinary practices, he has sought to merge a craft based creativity with his own ancestral byways in Levantine, Mexican, and Mediterranean traditions.

Through A Glass Darkly:Lunar Mansions from an Arabic Grimoiric Perspective

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