Trolldom - the folk magic traditions of Scandinavia - has existed for at least 500 years. Additionally, in the last 200 years, millions of people from Sweden, Denmark and Norway emigrated to the United States, bringing with them their folk culture and magic traditions. These traditions were maintained in old Svartkonstbok, from which modern practitioners can catch a glimpse of an important cultural tradition of folk magic and healing. Within Trolldom’s long tradition there are a number of techniques and practices around the inherent power of menstrual blood, bucks blood, spit and urine. How were these tools used for love magic and cursing? How was sexual energy understood by Nordic Folk Magicians, and in what way did that influence the use of such tools? These are all important questions that shed a light on how the folk magics of the Nordic people functioned, for hundreds of years, and how it was influenced by the greater world culture in which it was a part of.  In this lecture Minta Karlsson, Swedish-American Trollkunning, will give a brief history of Nordic magic, and discuss various traditional techniques and materials sometimes used.


About the Presenter:

Minta Karlsson is a Swedish-American magician studied in Traditional Trolldom and Rune Magic and apprentice of Johannes Gårdbäck. In 2018, Minta founded Needfire, a resource for workshops and classes centering around practical magic and nordic root culture. Minta has lead classes in Elder Futhark Runes & Bindrunes, Practical Moon Magic, and other topics relating to Scandinavian Folk Magic Traditions.


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Trånsjuka, Skämma och Förgjord:Uses of Menstrual & Bucks Blood in Trolldom