Those of us who are magick practitioners and also experience chronic illness can find it frustrating and challenging to feel like active participants within our communities. In the post COVID culture, even more occultists may be battling with long term health issues. We may not have the energy or physical ability to attend circles, or classes. Even following all the steps in any given spell can feel incredibly overwhelming if we are experiencing brain fog,  extreme fatigue, and difficulty with daily life tasks. Chronic pain and illness can also affect our level of concentration and awareness. Overall these daily challenges can lead to a sense of isolation, disempowerment, and inconsistent magickal practices, even feelings of shame or self judgment. This workshop and discussion are designed to increase awareness of chronic illness within the magickal community, build support, and provide education for those who may be in leadership positions and wish to gain greater understanding of inclusionary approaches. We will also discuss ways in which those individuals who experience chronic illness can deepen their magickal practices.


About the Presenter:

Aria Michaels Paradise, MA, MSW, LICSW, SC-C embodies the ethereal and protean realm of air, shapeshifting with the creative current. As a licensed psychotherapist, certified spiritual counselor, astrologer, medium, tarot diviner, visual and performance artist, Aria is peripatetic; inhabiting the realm of dream, myth, possibilitity, and paradox.


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What We Do In the Shadows: Chronic Illness & The Occult