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Thu, Aug 03


Online Festival

Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival - General Admission

This ticket is valid for ALL for the 2023 Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival

Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival - General Admission

Time & Location

Aug 03, 10:00 AM EDT – Aug 06, 9:00 PM EDT

Online Festival

About the event

This ticket is valid for ALL classes & events during the 2023 Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival.

You will have access to all of the Thursday class recording links until the end of 2023

Schedule of Events:

Thursday August 3rd - 

  • Folk Magic of the Shetland Isles with Maria Blyth 4pm-6pm
  • Community Oracle: Best Practices for Psychic Readings in Public Spaces with Nick Dickinson 4pm-6pm
  • German Folklore and Folk Magic with Moss Matthey 4pm-6pm
  • Journeying in the Wild Green Realm with Josh Williams 7pm-9pm
  • Book of Days: An Introduction to the Aztec Calendar with Jesse Hathaway Diaz 7pm-9pm
  • Death Priestxing: Tending the Threshold of Transition with Jamie Waggoner 7pm-9pm

Friday August 4th -

  • Embedded in the Land: A Theoretical Approach to Relationship with Folklore and Magic with Ben Stimpson 10am-12pm
  • Folk Remedies for Haunted Spaces with Sterling Moon 10am-12pm
  • Invasive Wortcunning: Making Magic and Medicine with Invasive Plants with Kamden S. Cornell 10am-12pm
  • On Nightmares and Werewolves with John Magnuson 1pm-3pm
  • Poppets, Dolls, and Magickal Effigies with Angela Satanica 1pm-3pm
  • Borderland Magic: Witches, Wizards & Cunning Folk of the Welsh Marches with The Witch of Salopia 1pm-3pm
  • Ars Venenum: Herbalism for Rebellion & Empowerment with Coby Michael 4pm-6pm
  • The Art of Cursing Well with Fio Gede Parma 4pm-6pm
  • Supping Hellbroth In the Devil's Garden: Potioncraft of the Witches Arte with Austin Fuller 4pm-6pm
  • A Many-Headed Raven: A Presentation on Faustian Grimoires & Folk Necromancy with Dr Alexander Cummins & Brian Johnson 7pm-9pm

Saturday August 5th-

  • The Gold & Scarlet God: Exploring the Benefic & Malefic Aspects of the Solar Current with David Davis 10am-12pm
  • Domestic Spirits with Mimi Young 10am-12pm
  • History of Witchcraft in Colonial New York with Scott R. Ferrara 10am-12pm
  • Encountering the Blessed Mother in Ozark Witch Trees with Brandon Weston 1pm-3pm
  • Spirits in Flight: The Ritual & Craft of Liquor & Intoxicants with Vex Blóðstjarna 1pm-3pm
  • The Witches' Devil with Kelden 1pm-3pm
  • Forty-One Brothers & Sisters: An Introduction to Favomancy & its Sorcery with Katarina Pejović 4pm-6pm
  • The Helm of Awe: Folk Magic in Icelandic Tradition with Albert Björn Shiell 4pm-6pm
  • The Cunning of Adam: Folklore & Sorceries of the First Man with Dr Alexander Cummins 4pm-6pm
  • Sylvan-Sabbats & Night-Surgeons: Crossing the Hedge to Meet Planetary Witch Parents with Sasha Ravitch 7pm-9pm

Sunday August 6th-

  • Dark Horsemen & Fell Hounds: a Journey with the Wild Hunt with Helen JR Bruce 10am-12pm
  • The Path of the Green Anismist with Vrylak Faemanna 10am-12pm
  • Through A Glass Darkly: Dark Mirror Scrying for Spirit Contact & Spell Work with Peter Von Leykamm 10am-12pm
  • Venus, Queen of Perfumes with J. W. Dotson 1pm-3pm
  • Lilith & Chava: A Jewish Examination of the "Mother of Witchcraft" with Professor Charles Porterfield 1pm-3pm
  • "Under Witched Moonlight”: Witches & Fairies in Greek Folk Magic with Stefanos Chelydoreus 1pm-3pm
  • The Egg Clothed in a Serpent Garland with J.M. Hamade 4pm-6pm
  • On Ancient Greek Hero Worship: Lessons for Necromancy and Magic with Kadmus 4pm-6pm
  • There's No Place Like Gnome: A Celebration of Household Spirits with Nay Noordmans 4pm-6pm
  • Folk Around & Find Out: The Bottle Episode with Dr Alexander Cummins, Professor Charles Porterfield, Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Brandon Weston, Sasha Ravitch & Melissa Roberts 7pm-9pm

You will recieve a PDF Festival Guide for your General Admission pass, to access classes & presenter bios, download the guide. To join the online class of your choice, select the class name in your PDF Guide. To read the presenter bio, select the presenter name. 





  • General Admission Pass


    Sale ends

    Aug 06, 7:00 PM EDT

    Valid for ALL CLASSES during the 2023 Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival






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