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Mission Statement

The Salem Witchcraft and Folklore Festival will be a gathering held during August in historic Salem, MA. Inspired by Nemoralia, Festival of the Ancient Goddess Diana, and in honor of the anniversary of The Cauldron Black’s store opening (August 2017), this festival is intended to create sacred space for the exploration, celebration, and acceptance of Magickal & Occult practice, Folklore, Commerce, Community and Activism throughout the city. The Salem Witchcraft and Folklore Festival exists to foster the perspective of Salem, MA as a sacred pilgrimage site of important history, education, and spiritual nourishment. All spiritual traditions and levels of experience are welcome to participate.

Meet our Team


-Jacqui Allouise-
Owner, The Cauldron Black & Co-founder of
the salem witchcraft & folklore Festival

Jacqui is a professional Diviner, Witch, Activist, owner of The Cauldron Black in Salem, Massachusetts, and Co-Founder of The Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival. Jacqui comes from a long line of female diviners, Catholic folk-magicians, and wise women, and her personal practice is heavily influenced by her ancestors. She is a Quimbandeira, an Olorisha (crowned priest of Shango) in the Lucumi Orisha tradition, Planetary Magician, Folk-Catholic & New World Conjure Magician. Her work at The Cauldron Black centers around creating a safe, healthy community space where Witches, Diviners, Occultists, & the curious can come to exchange and broadcast ideas, talents & their work.


Matthew Venus is an artist, folk magician, and traditional witch. He is the owner and lead apothecary of Spiritus Arcanum, an online and brick and mortar shop which specializes in handcrafted ritual incenses and oils, as well as a diversity of occult wares. Matthew is also a teacher, diviner, and co-creator of the Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival.

-Matthew Venus-
Owner, Spiritus Arcanum & Co-founder of
the salem witchcraft & folklore Festival

phoebe hildegard headshot.jpg

-Phoebe Hildegard Finch-
writer, herbalist, & surrealist occultist & Event assistant

Phoebe Hildegard Finch is a writer, herbalist, and surrealist occultist. She combines direct spirit work and necromancy with poetic logic as she seeks to reanimate the traditions embedded in folklore and the grimoires in new ways. Recently she has been exploring the magical possibilities inherent in collective narrative through her creation Amor Fati: a Tarot Based Role-Playing Card Game. Phoebe lectures regularly on esoteric subjects in person and online. She consults with clients as a professional sorceress, an old-fashioned card reader, and a practical conjurer. More information and bookings can be sought out at her website:

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