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Mission Statement

Salem Witch Fest  endeavors to create and curate events with a focus on community building, promoting magical education, preserving and sharing folklore, supporting and engaging in activism, and highlighting and promoting small businesses, artisans, and folklorists. We are led by a desire to honor and give voice to our personal ancestors, the spirits of the land we live upon, and our spiritual lineage. Our organization stands unabashedly against racism, fascism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia and sexism. Our events are crafted with a desire towards inspiring us all to stand firm in our agency and autonomy and to collectively harness the practical uses of witchcraft and magic to preserve personal freedoms, support marginalized communities, and further our own activism and education. Our founders and coordinators strive to create a welcoming and safe place for all of our presenters, attendees and vendors. With this in mind all spiritual traditions and levels of experience are welcome.

Who We are


-Jacqui Allouise-
Owner, The Cauldron Black & Co-founder of
the salem witchcraft & folklore Festival

Jacqui is a professional Diviner, Witch, Activist, owner of The Cauldron Black in Salem, Massachusetts, and Co-Founder of The Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival.


Jacqui comes from a long line of female diviners, Catholic folk-magicians, and wise women, and her personal practice is heavily influenced by her ancestors. She is a Yaya Ndenge in a lineage of Quimbanda Nàgô, an Olorisha (crowned priest of Shango) in the Lucumi Orisha tradition, Planetary Magician, Folk-Catholic & New World Conjure Magician. Her work at The Cauldron Black centers around creating a safe, healthy community space where Witches, Diviners, Occultists, & the curious can come to exchange and broadcast ideas, talents & their work.


-Matthew Venus-
Owner, Spiritus Arcanum & Co-founder of
the salem witchcraft & folklore Festival

Matthew Venus an artist, folk magician, and traditional witch based in Salem, Massachusetts whose practice is informed by a deep heart of animism and a dedication to ancestral traditions. Additionally he is a an Aborisha in the Lucumí Orisha tradition and a Tata Ndenge in a lineage of Quimbanda Nàgô.

Matthew is co-founder of Salem Witch Fest as well as the owner and lead apothecary of Spiritus Arcanum, an online and brick and mortar shop which specializes in handcrafted ritual incenses and oils,talismanic art, and a diversity of occult wares. Over the past two decades Matthew has been sharing teachings on various aspects of magic with students around the world through classes and courses which explore elements and approaches towards traditional craft and folk magical traditions.

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