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The world is changing, and nature is ready to fight back. There are  many plant allies that are willing to help us in that struggle against patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism.  They strengthen our bodies, protect our spirits and open our minds. They are sources of wisdom and  healing. Power plants that help to dismantle the thoughts and patterns that keep us contained.  Passive resistance is no longer an option and the natural world has always known that.  From fiercesome poison plant allies that undermine our enemies and make us stronger through their wisdom, to healing balms that have been women’s allies for millennia, to patron plants of queerness.  
In this  class we will explore many of the botanical allies that, through their magic, medicine and occult associations have helped marginalized and persecuted groups of people. We will explore “venenum” or “poison” as a metaphor for the rebellious spirit that seeks to catalyze change.


About the Presenter:
Coby Michael is an occult herbalist and magical practitioner specializing in poisonous plants, ethnobotanicals and witches’ herbs. He has been a magical practitioner for over 20 years and has delved into areas such as American folk magic, traditional witchcraft, alchemy, astrology and the grimoire tradition. Coby is an author, artist and teacher who recently celebrated the publication of his first book, The Poison Path Herbal: Baneful Herbs, Ritual Entheogens and Medicinal Nightshades, published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Coby is a researcher and writer at heart. He attended Arizona State University where he majored in religious studies with a focus on European witchcraft and American folk magic. Coby contributes articles to The House of Twigs, Patheos Pagan, and the Pagan Archives at Valdosta University. He has written many articles of poisonous plants, entheogens and their applications in modern witchcraft. He runs The Poisoner’s Apothecary, an online educational resource consisting of articles, classes and subscribed content for people interested in pursuing the Poison Path. The Poisoner’s Apothecary supplies over 150 different products featuring custom herbal formulas for entheogenic ritual and magic. Coby has been studying and practicing herbalism for over ten years with a special focus on poisonous plants. He applies this knowledge to his flying ointments, ritual oils and smoking blends.



This class recording link will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days of your order. You will have access to this class recording link until the end of 2023.


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This Agreement is between The Cauldron Black (“OWNER”); and the Purchaser (“RECIPIENT”). WHEREAS, OWNER has developed through substantial effort, research, time, and expense certain inventions, design concepts, methodologies, technical know-how, copyrightable material and trade secrets directed and related to this class. (“INFORMATION”); WHEREAS, OWNER desires to disclose the INFORMATION on a confidential basis to RECIPIENT. The OWNER wishes to maintain the confidentiality of the INFORMATION and the protection of OWNER'S intellectual property rights. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the  mutual promises, covenants, and conditions contained herein, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows: I. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION A. OWNER agrees to disclose INFORMATION to RECIPIENT for the purposes of an online class. B. RECIPIENT agrees to receive such INFORMATION and to refrain from copying, disclosing, using, selling, or offering for sale any and all of said INFORMATION. RECIPIENT agrees to keep confidential and refrain from disclosing any and all of the INFORMATION, and to take all necessary and reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use  of any and all of the INFORMATION.  Failure to uphold this NDA may result in legal action.

Ars Venenum: Herbalism for Rebellion & Empowerment

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