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Folklore often encompasses rich bodies of knowledge and wisdom handed  down within communities.  Yet, it is all too easy to relate to folk  tradition through the lenses of our modern society as being mere  stories, practices divorced from their originating landscapes, or as  mere regional manifestations of universal archetypes.  
In this  presentation, we will explore folklore theory deeper and expand on  understanding on it's mechanics, the importance of regional differences,  and it's function.  We will explore, with case examples, of how a  magical practitioner might relate to their own landscape and the various  denizens existing there.


About the Presenter:
Ben Stimpson (He/They/Them) is an Ontario based professional counsellor, author, and student. Ben is originally from North Wales, and has been practicing magic since the early 2000s, and his specific interests focus on British folk practices, medieval history, and queering the craft. As a professional counsellor, Ben utilizes the theories and approaches of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell in exploring with clients the intersection of personal identity and narrative, work that aligns well with his spiritual pursuits. He is currently completing a Liberal Arts degree at the University of Waterloo with a focus on medieval studies, classical studies, religious studies, and history. Ben's debut book, "Ancestral Whispers: A Guide to Building Ancestral Veneration Practices" is debuting September 2023 through Llewellyn Worldwide.



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Embedded in the Land: A Theoretical Approach to Relationship w/ Folklore & Magic

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