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The  creation of humanoid figures is an act with origins which long predate  recorded history. Such work aligns us with the art of the gods as  conjured by humanity's earliest imagining, and creates both a conduit  and anchor for power which can be worked and harnessed by those who are  willing. In this discussion we will discuss the use of dolls in  various magical traditions throughout history, as well as practical ways  that we may meaningfully incorporate them into a contemporary practice Beyond  the misunderstood “voodoo dolls” found in horror tropes, we will  discuss the use of poppets, doll babies, and effigies for all manner of  spellwork from healing and love drawing to reversal magic and of course  hexing. We will further explore the deeper realms of this art by  discussing techniques and approaches towards utilizing dolls as spirit  houses and devotional objects. Lastly, we will conclude by  exploring the various materials and methods for the construction of  dolls, as well methods for the consecration and enlivening of them for  magical purposes.


About the Presenter:
Matthew Venus is an artist, folk magician, and traditional witch. He is the owner and lead apothecary of Spiritus Arcanum, an online and brick and mortar shop which specializes in handcrafted ritual incenses and oils, as well as a diversity of occult wares. Matthew is also a teacher, diviner, and co-creator of the Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival.



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Ensouling the Effigy: The Crafting and Use of Dolls in Magic

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