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A panel of professional conjure doctors, cunning-folk, and witches talk magical containment and the grassroots essentials of folk magic on the go and in a pinch.  
Come join our discussions of “open handed” conjure, considering various tips and emergency tricks for improvising spell components. And feel welcome to join in conversations exploring close-quarters sorcery,  Desert Island talismans, and – of course – actual bottle spells!  
So come and pull up a digital seat as Dr Alexander Cummins convenes and chairs our panelists Professor Charles Porterfield, Melissa Roberts,  Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Brandon Weston, and Sasha Ravitch to discuss the practices of folk magic, folk healing, folk spirituality, and more!
About the Presenter:
Dr Alexander Cummins is a contemporary cunning-man and historian of magic. His magical specialities are the dead (folk necromancy), divination (geomancy) and the grimoires. His published works include Nazarth: Pillars of Gladness (Hadean Press, 2022), An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magicke (Scarlet Imprint, 2020) with Phil Legard, The Starry Rubric (Hadean Press, 2012), A Book of the Magi: Lore, Prayers, and Spellcraft of the Three Holy Kings (Revelore Press, 2018) and several chapbooks and anthology contributions through Three Hands Press, Hadean Press and Scarlet Imprint. He is a frequent speaker on the international circuit, co-hosts the podcast Radio Free Golgotha, and is a founding editor of Revelore Press’ Folk Necromancy in Transmission series. Dr Cummins’ work, classes, and services can be found at


Jesse Hathaway Diaz is a folklorist, artist and performer living in New York City. With initiations in several forms of witchcraft from Europe and the Americas, he is also a lifelong student of Mexican Curanderismo,  an initiated olosha in Lucumí, and a Tatá Quimbanda. For the last  decade he has been a member of Theatre Group Dzieci, an experimental ensemble based in NY dedicated to the search for the sacred through the  medium of theatre, a  co-host on the Radio Free Golgotha podcast, and a co-editor on the Folk Necromancy in Transmission Series through Revelore Press.


Professor Charles Porterfield is an old-fashioned, no-nonsense, Old Testament reader and rootworker. He is the co-author of Hoodoo Bible Magic: Sacred Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery, and author of A Deck of Spells: Hoodoo Playing Card Magic in Rootwork and Conjure and The Sporting Life: How to Help Yourself with Hoodoo from the Streets to the Sheets. He writes, teaches, and lectures on hoodoo and conjure to help preserve and pass on the roots of the work as well as consults, prescribes, and divines work for those in need. He currently lives in Denton, Texas with his wife, and two cats.


Sasha Ravitch is a practitioner of Stellar Witchcraft, passionate Astrolater, a Devotional and Oracular Writer, and a Fairy Seeress. She seeks out meaning, magic, patterns, connection, and intimate co-creation betwixt the Self and the Other in every golden meadow, ocean floor, and subway station available to her. Her desire to blur the line between the ensorceled forest of Elphame and the mundane road-more-traveled is a priority from the moment she wakes up, to the moment she falls asleep.


Melissa is Medium, Psychic, Omo Oshun in the Lucumi religion, Palera, Esperitista & Curandera. She brings a fresh & vibrant modern form of mediumship to the spiritual movement. Some have commented that 'readings' are like accelerated therapy. Spirit Guides & Ancestors began delivering messages & giving her visions at the age of 5.
"One of my roles on this earth is to help people build the bridge to their authentic self. Ancestral trauma, personal trauma, health issues, relationship issues can all chip away at that bridge. I have a great passion for helping others on their journey to live a life that is balanced healthy & whole."


Brandon Weston is a spiritual healer, folklorist, and writer living in the Arkansas Ozarks. He is the author of "Ozark Folk Magic: Plants, Prayers, and Healing" and the "Ozark Mountain Spell Book." He is the owner of Ozark Healing Traditions, a collective of articles, lectures, and workshops focusing on traditions of medicine, magic, and folklore from the Ozark Mountain region. As an active spiritual healer, his work with clients includes everything from spirit exorcisms to house blessings, and all the weird and wonderful ailments in between. He comes from a long line of Ozark hillfolk and works hard to keep the traditions he’s collected alive and true for generations to come.



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Folk Around & Find Out III: The Bottle Episode Panel Discussion

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