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Folklore and folk magic are vibrant parts of German history and culture,  with this talk shedding light on some of the more mysterious elements.  This presentation will particularly focus upon the Harz Mountains where  Moss was raised, and throughout we will discuss the legends and charms  filled with magic that have shaped this mystical region right into the  current age. We will further discuss the many protective charms  that have been utilised, including the famous Pentagram, as well as  charms for increasing wealth, and preventing your milk from being hexed. Along  the way, we will also discover tales of witches, unicorns, and long  lost gods, and even reveal a deeply held belief in Dragon familiar  spirits that were passed down through families for generations. Join  Moss Matthey and explore the magical, mystical, and mysterious,  revealing beliefs and practices rooted in the German landscape but that  can be utilised by anyone who wants to connect.


About the Presenter:
Moss Matthey is a practicing Folk Witch following a path informed by his Welsh-German upbringing. Based in North Wales, he incorporates much of the magical landscape into his craft. He is involved in the Witchcraft and Pagan community in the UK, regularly attending and participating in events



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German Folklore and Folk Magic

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