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Qigong is a meditation system that trains practitioners to become aware of and consciously control their qi. Qi has a variety of meanings ― at its broadest it is an energy that comprises matter, energy and consciousness, and in a more narrow sense it is the life energy that animates a person’s body. While acupuncture changes the flow of energy in a person’s body by inserting needles into acupoints, qigong trains practitioners to control the flow of energy through their bodies through practices that unite breath, movement, and intention.


Regular qigong practice can improve health and relieve stress. Advanced qigong has a variety of applications including martial arts, magick, alchemy, and healing.


This class will teach One Finger Zen, a qigong form that is focused on building sensitivity to the energy in your hands, and cultivating the ability to project energy from your hands. One Finger Zen consists of coordinating a series of postures and arm movements with controlled breathing.


Regular practice of One Finger Zen can increase your ability to feel and control your own qi, increase your sensitivity to the energy around you, and teach you to project energy from your hands. It was originally developed for applications in healing and martial arts, but it can be used to integrate energy work into your magickal practice.


Projecting qi is useful for working with sigils, and for charging herbs, stones and other materia magica. Practicing qigong before rituals helps with grounding and centering, as well as general sensitivity to the energy of magickal workings and spirits.


The workshop will start with instructions on the form, and then will include a discussion on how to use it to deepen magickal practice.


No prior experience with qigong or other forms of energy work is necessary.

Qigong for Occultists

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