Few women in the history of the sciences have been cited as broadly and  with such resounding support as two, now little-known, third century  figures: Mary the Prophetess and Cleopatra the Physician. Both gifted  physicians, alchemists, scientists, and engineers, their experiments,  findings, and technological developments underpin modern chemistry and  alchemical explorations alike. In this presentation, we will explore  detailed accounts of their respective prowess, intellect, and magical  virtues, and consider their remarkable legacy: spanning almost two  millennia alongside descriptions of discoveries and achievements  mentioned in the same breath as those of Agathodaemon,  Pseudo-Democritus, and Hermes Trismegistus. 
Furthermore, we will  establish a potential foundation of a spiritual and chemical practicum  centered on the words, teachings, and spiritual guidance of these  matriarchs. The intention here is to not only honor their remarkable  place in history, but consider the ways in which they can be petitioned  as folk saints and patrons to modern sorcerers, alchemists, and folk  magicians, being given their due as the historical founders of the  alchemical arts. This array of experiments, workings, prayers, and  offerings—drawn from B. Key's experience in both necromancy and  biochemistry alike—will be taught after the historical overview, so that  the seeker can immediately implement and undertake a closer  relationship with their spirits and the mysteries of their alchemical  cunning.
This is a 90-120 minute intermediate level lecture and workshop
About the Presenter:
Through alchemy, necromancy, folk magic, and witchcraft, B. Key is a  witch and sorcerer focused primarily on those traditions that hunt,  find, and hide treasure of all kinds. Guided by saints and invigorated  by devils, with an alchemical furnace lit by the hellfire of Quimbanda,  he works at the crossroads of old world grimoires and the folk magical  practices of the new world. His academic training and experience in  biochemistry further facilitates his passion for tinkering with  sorcerous techniques in pursuit of ever more precise results and  manifestations.

Sister of Moses, Mother of Great Work:Matriarchs of Alchemy in History &...