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-Reflections in the Alabaster Eye: Starlight, channeled through  moonlight.  

-The Magic of Place 

- The Nocturnal Theatre of Astrology 

-Visitors from the Wilderness: Why do projected degrees work at all? 

-A Final Note (not really) on Noctilucence 

- Potentials in the Dark  


We continue our journey on the magic of the moon, now, in this class, as a lens to focus more intently on the stars themselves. With a brief summary of the cosmology therein, we will explore the possibilities of stars and their magic using the moon as our point of access. As it pertains to the magic of stars, the vast majority of published material speaks of using their projected degree upon the solar-zodiacal ecliptic. Though there are other means of accessing a star’s power, the heliacal rising being well attested to, these techniques often increase the rarefied timing methods as well as decrease their general accessibility. Using projected stellar degrees upon the ecliptic, some closer to it in physical space than others, we may access the power of the stars most often with a conjunction from the moon -once more, an extension of lunar magic with a greater stellar emphasis-  This class presupposes some rudimentary astrological knowledge. Many of  the premises are built upon last year’s Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival, Through the Hour Glass Darkly, though it is not a prerequisite to have taken it.


About the Presenter:

J.M. Hamade is a talismanic artist, florist, diviner, writer, and educator, currently residing in New York City. Specializing in various  traditions of 'Image Magic,’ with a focus on astrology, star lore, and talismanic craftsmanship, his work seeks to bridge contemporary aesthetics with time tested magical techniques rooted in astrological magic. Possessing a keen interest in craft, he has apprenticed in the ways of butchery, the funerary arts, and most recently, the art of floristry. To this he has also received a BFA in Printmaking with a focus in the arts of metal engraving, intaglio, and works emphasizing etching and line. He currently offers courses as well as divination on these related subjects through The Cauldron Black. His blog, his contact, and news can be found at


**Attendees will have access to this recording until the end of 2021 - class recording links will be emailed to attendees within 7 business days of purchase. To protect the IP of our presenters, class recordings will not be downloadable.**

The Hall of Mirrors: Star Magic of the Ecliptic

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