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This class looks at a deceptively simple method of dark mirror scrying and explores its application in spirit contact, divination, and sorcery.  Psychologist Raymond Moody created a method of mirror scrying based on ancient Greek divination methods to study contact with the dead. To his surprise, in initial experiments with his psychomanteum, people with no experience with spirit contact could, with minimal prompting, have visionary contact with the spirits of their dead loved ones. This class  is based on years of exploration with the psychomanteum, as a tool that can be used on its own, and as something that can be used to supplement and empower other methods of spiritwork and magic.  
It will start with practical instructions on how to build and set up a psychomanteum, and a basic ritual framework for using it for spirit contact. We will then explore a number of different applications, including using it to contact different kinds of spirits, including spirits of the dead, spirits of specific places, plant and mineral spirits, and the spirits of divination tools, such as individual Tarot cards or decks. Other topics that will be discussed are using a psychomanteum to get further insights from divination, methods for empowering magical workings by communicating with magical materia, and using the psychomanteum to improve results from conventional forms of  spirit invocation.  
At the end of the class, students will understand how to build and use a psychomanteum, and practices they can follow to use it to enhance their own magical practice.


About the Presenter:
Peter Von Leykamm has practiced a variety of occult disciplines, including necromancy, planetary grimoire magick, and cartomancy, and is an initiate in Quimbanda. He has also practiced qigong and related forms of energy work for over 20 years, including 5 years spent living in Beijing as a closed-door disciple of the Internal Chinese Martial Arts; Xingyi, Taiji, and Bagua. He currently lives in Brooklyn



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Through A Glass Darkly: Dark Mirror Scrying for Spirit Contact & Spell Work

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